Welcome to Common Ground Masters Swimming!

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Note from Coach Craig:


Starting Thursday, March 5, we will be adding Tuesdays and Thursdays to our schedule for Masters practice. As on M-W-F, practice will run from 5am-6am. This is only a trial period, to see what the interest is. If enough people come to the Tuesday/Thursday practices, it could become permanent.

Please note that during the T-Th practice, we are only guaranteed two lanes, as we will be sharing the pool with Aqua Aerobics, Lap Swimmers, and ACE Otters.


1) All Masters swimmers must Register with USMS. There are still a few of you who have not registered yet. To join or renew your USMS membership, CLICK HERE.

2) Remember to pick up the paper workout after practice. It’s causing havoc with the pool’s filter system.

See you in the pool.